Friday, April 22, 2011

3-Way Singles Club FREE Launch!

3-Way Singles Club, Vol. 1
Available May 1, 2011
3 artists tackle unique cover versions of songs by beloved indierock/slowcore band Low.  These 3 songs will be unique to this single -- they won't appear on the full-length Low tribute we're planning for release later this year!  So this will be a companion mini-tribute, and as the inaugural release of the singles series it will also be FREE.


Double Saginaw Familiarity covering "Dragonfly" off of the harrowing Drums And Guns LP; Joshua Barton and The Brothers And Sisters covering "Shame" from the seminal sophomore album Long Division; and Stargrazer covering Low & Spring Heel Jack's song "Hand So Small" from the utterly delightful Bombscare EP.

So that pretty much covers the waterfront as far as Low's discography, and we are pleased and proud that our little musical offering will come out hot on the heels of Low's own critically acclaimed new album C'mon, which was released April 12.

Stay tuned for the link to the 3-song single FREE download, which will appear May 1st!

[more info on the 3-Way Singles Club?  Click the tab on the navigation bar at the top of this page.]

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 19 - Indie Rocks Lansing's Core: Paleo/Alex Hug/Night Thoughts/Stargrazer/Jazzy Knives

Nestled at the end of an unassuming alley that also contains the landmark, lugnut-topped brick chimney that looms over the intersection of Michigan Avenue and southbound Cedar Street, Basement 414 combines all the best attributes of an intimate live setting with the unassuming decor of a DIY art space and/or bicycle co-op.

ITAV is excited to present eternally-touring songwriter Paleo, best known for 2008's 365-song mega-album Song Diary.  For the first time ever, Paleo will be touring with a backing band, which includes bassist C.J. Boyd (you may remember C.J. from our post about his compilation supporting Wikileaks).

Also appearing will be Lansing's Night Thoughts, a '50s and '60s inspired R&B/R&R juggernaut featuring ex members of Squonky Tonk and the powerful pipes of singer Cathy Illman (a.k.a. Veloura Caywood).

Bringing things into the acoustic indie-folk realm with electronic flourishes that run the gamut from cinematic soundscape to krautrock will be Alex Hug and a newly revitalized Stargrazer.

And grinding everything into a spiky, colorful pulp, sound-saboteur Jazzy Knives will engulf your musical sensibilities with cut-and-paste sonics and unexpected textures.  Last time we played with Jazzy Knives, his tape deck nearly caught on fire -- really!

The show goes down Tuesday, April 19th at Basement 414 (click the link for a map).  It's all ages and free.  Doors are at 7 PM, music starts at 8.  

It would be thoughtful if you brought a small contribution for the touring acts, or bought some of their merch. 

Several of these artists appear on ITAV's compilation In The Orchard Of Osiris (stream/purchase here), which came out this past December -- alongside tracks by White Pines, Drunken Barn Dance, Small Houses, James Collin, Arms And Sleepers, Horde Of Two, and more.  Come see what they can do in the live setting!

[by the way, In The Orchard Of Osiris is now available at Encore Recordings in Ann Arbor, as well.  We'd like to thank them for their continuing support of original music.]