Tuesday, May 22, 2012

3-Way Singles Club, Volume 13 Drops Today!

Three brand new, exclusive tracks by Sylvan Lanes (a.k.a. Matthew Milia of Frontier Ruckus), Gifts Or Creatures, and White Pines... available as of right now!

With the release of Volume 13, we enter our second year of releasing an exclusive, 3-artist, 3-song triple digital single of brand new independent music every month! Thanks for being along for the ride. You can download/stream the latest single here: http://music.itavrecords.com/album/3-way-singles-club-volume-13

Saturday, May 19, 2012

3-Way Singles Club Volume #13

It is with great excitement that we announce the next installment in the 3-Way Singles series, and the inaugural release of year #2 of issuing monthly 3-artist digital singles.  This Tuesday (May 22nd) the curtains will be drawn aside, and brand new tracks from Sylvan Lanes (which is Matt Milia of Frontier Ruckus' solo moniker), Gifts Or Creatures, and White Pines!

Early listens to these three tracks, hyperbole aside, promise impulsive stabbing of the repeat button during summer front porch reveries, tree-lined drives on nameless county roads, and reckless plunges into wooded pools from rope-swings of dubious structural integrity.  It's music to float in mid-air to -- however ephemeral such an experience may be; after letting go of the rope, time dilates infinitely into memory.

We had hoped to have this single out on the 15th, and in the interest of avoiding pretensions of being anything other than a small, hard-working label composed of one guy with a full-time day job, we shall blame the 7-day delay on some guy named Wayne.*

* There is no guy named Wayne.  Wayne is the personification of all the daily delays, technological inconveniences, accidental misinterpretations, lost e-mails, and unplanned naps that conspire to sideline even the most committed projects.  We are at war with Wayne.