Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Perils Of Expectation / The Tyranny Of Time

Into every two-year long project, a little chaos must creep...

There are many, many challenges to coordinating a multi-faceted project like the 3-Way Singles Club, and if ITAV had an intern, no one would ever feel their effects!  But we don't, so you do.

Many of you have been waiting patiently for the unveiling of 3-Way Singles Club Vol. 17, the September edition of the series featuring three artists we are very partial towards: Racket Ghost (who play tonight, at Mac's Bar, by the way, with The Plurals, Decades, and Honah Lee, oh my!), Chaz Brackx and the Big Bucks, and The Mind Guards.  Since we released it stealthily, with no mention, on the 30th, you may not be aware that you can experience it here.

Well, mostly.  If you are a member of the 3WSC Mega-Subscription, you'll know that the new songs haven't made their way into your subscription package yet.  And if you're sharp-eyed, you'll see two things about the single in its present state that are... well, obstacles.

First:  You can't download or purchase the tracks.  Yet.  But you can stream them, enjoy them, share them, etc.  This will be rectified when the single is complete, which brings us to...

Second:  There are only two songs!  So far.  There have been some technical difficulties that have stopped us from posting the Chaz Brackx song yet -- but we're just about through remedying the minor issues that have held up the song.  The comparative simplicity of the fix was complicated by conflicting work schedules and life interference.  Small things, really, but worth the time.

I'm grateful for your patience, and honestly just this side of thrilled that our first major hiccup of any noticeable scale took over a year and a half to occur!  All the artists of the 3WSC are donating their time and talents, and in most cases giving us completely exclusive material; so we are also very honored by that.  We're taking advantage of the delay to work ahead on the series, and if you've been visiting the 3-Way Singles Club Page you'll see that many exciting and interesting additions have appeared in the last few weeks.  There should be a more comprehensive schedule as time allows.

I hope this addresses any concerns that might be floating around out there, and I assure you that as soon as the final piece drops into place, we will give this excellent single the fanfare it deserves!  And it will magically appear for subscribers.

I wanted to acknowledge everyone's patience and let you know what was happening.  This should be an isolated occurrence if all else goes as planned.  Please never hesitate to let me know if you are having issues with any aspect of the 3WSC, or if you'd like to get involved somehow.

The ITAV guy.