Thursday, September 20, 2012

October Artwork Preview!

Although the elk is probably my favorite ungulate, it was an honor to work with this moose to create a spectral, time-shifting apparition or manitou for next month's 3-Way Single, which will feature heaviness from Madlantis Records' flagship band BerT, noisy hardcore/hardy noisecore from Lansing eardrum destroyers American Gothic, and a mystery band (dubbed "Golden Rulers" below, however it is possible that their name could change several times in the next few weeks).  The Plague Years were originally, tentatively slotted onto this single but couldn't participate this time around -- we look forward to working with them down the road a ways, as they are an amazing band.

October's single will be a ferociously grounding slab of heaviness, something we've been wanting to bring to the 3-Way Singles series for a long time now.  We're developing the next 12 months worth of singles, and welcome your suggestions and recommendations of artists to invite!  Thanks for having open ears... 

(and you can visit this moose skeleton in person at the Chicago Field Museum, hyperspace portal not included).

Friday, September 14, 2012

Psychedelic Back-to-School Special!

We're gearing up to release Volume 17 of the 3-Way Singles Club, this time out featuring brand new exclusive tracks from The Mind Guards, Racket Ghost, and Chaz Brackx And The Big Bucks.

While the back-to-school theme is mostly a jest among the artists and myself, the songs do have a certain grainy vigor that might, uh, stimulate some brain cells or be the perfect accompaniment for... studying.  Yeah, studying.

Release date TBA -- if you know us, we'll spring this one on you in the dead of night, about a week and a half from now.  Those of you who are members of the 3-Way Singles Club Mega Subscription (see the sidebar to your right) will have the new songs magically appear, and for anyone else everything will be easily accessible here.