Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3-Way Singles Club, Volume 2 drops on June 1st!

The second installment of the much ballyhooed "3-Way Singles Club" will arrive digitally June 1st.  This 3 song/3 artist outing will travel the fringes of indie songwriting, electronica, and ambience with a textural disposition that belies the buried hooks and deeply memorable passages contained therein.  Yeah!  That's right!

Featuring Detroit vocalist Rachel Yezbick (co-producing an original track with Stargrazer), Lansing ambient/shoegaze/newgaze architect RxGibbs, and Lansing-based remixer/producer Lost Leaves, Volume Two continues in the questing spirit of Volume One (available here).

Stay tuned for a very rocking summer -- next up is a snarling, boiling cauldron of rock and post-punk featuring The Playback, Narc Out The Reds, and The Hat Madder, due in July.

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P.S.  For those paying attention at home, you may be bemoaning the AWOL status of the Nanobots' "Pink Circuits" album -- believe me, so are we!  This album could've been called "Endless Delay" for more than a couple reasons.  Suffice to say, the Nanobots are very proud of this one and it WILL see the light of day as soon as possible.  The Nanobots thank you for your patience *PREPARE TO BE SMITTEN*.

Monday, May 16, 2011

"Pink Circuits" by The Nanobots to be released May 17th!

ITAV is extremely pleased to announce the release of the full-length debut from The Nanobots, "Pink Circuits," on May 17th.

Whatever you were expecting after the droning deconstructions of the foreward-looking "Enlarged To Show Texture" E.P., "Pink Circuits" will both frustrate and exceed those expectations.  Willfully obtuse sonic incidents pop through the fizzy, technicolor circuit's-eye-view musical landscape this tiny duo has initiated, a cascading apocalypse of sounds that deftly avoids descent into white-noise maelstrom (mostly), prefering a decidedly atavistic -- yet sparklingly 4-dimensional -- disassembly of modern electronica into the most jarring and jagged ambient/head music we've come across.

Yet what sounds like it could be a choreful listen comes across surprisingly warm and moving, with moments that even approach musicality(!).  The wait is over, and we are distinctly pleased to present this latest offering from ITAV's tiniest band *PREPARE TO BE SMITTEN*

Download it at http://thenanobots.bandcamp.com/

Sunday, May 1, 2011

3-Way Singles Club, Volume One released today!

Download it for FREE here!

The first 3-sided digital single of our monthly series hits the internet today:  3 songs by 3 different artists.

For our inaugural edition of the series, we chose a theme, and that theme was covers of songs by Low.  This was not a capricious decision -- ITAV will be releasing a full-length tribute to Low later this year -- however these three tracks are exclusive to the 3-Way Singles Club!

1.  Double Saginaw Familiarity -- "Dragonfly"
2.  Joshua Barton & The Brothers & Sisters -- "Shame"
3.  Stargrazer -- "Hand So Small"

Future singles in the series will be 3 bucks (to go along with our numerical theme!).  We're also toying with a flat rate subscription that would entitle you to every song we release for as long as this goes on... more on that after the idea stews a bit more.

Volume Two of the series will be released June 1st and will feature exclusive tracks by Rachel Yezbick's as-yet-unnamed project, RxGibbs, and Lost Leaves.

You can check the "3-Way Singles Club" page (on the navigation tab above) for the full schedule of releases for 2011 -- we'll be juggling and tweaking the roster this week, so if you're an artist who'd like to be involved in the 2012 lineup, you might want to check the "About" page for some details on submissions.

All these tracks are exclusive.  ITAV would like to thank the artists involved for honoring us with such great material.  If you'd care to post the download link, it's http://music.itavrecords.com/.