Monday, May 16, 2011

"Pink Circuits" by The Nanobots to be released May 17th!

ITAV is extremely pleased to announce the release of the full-length debut from The Nanobots, "Pink Circuits," on May 17th.

Whatever you were expecting after the droning deconstructions of the foreward-looking "Enlarged To Show Texture" E.P., "Pink Circuits" will both frustrate and exceed those expectations.  Willfully obtuse sonic incidents pop through the fizzy, technicolor circuit's-eye-view musical landscape this tiny duo has initiated, a cascading apocalypse of sounds that deftly avoids descent into white-noise maelstrom (mostly), prefering a decidedly atavistic -- yet sparklingly 4-dimensional -- disassembly of modern electronica into the most jarring and jagged ambient/head music we've come across.

Yet what sounds like it could be a choreful listen comes across surprisingly warm and moving, with moments that even approach musicality(!).  The wait is over, and we are distinctly pleased to present this latest offering from ITAV's tiniest band *PREPARE TO BE SMITTEN*

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