Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3-Way Singles Club, Volume 2 drops on June 1st!

The second installment of the much ballyhooed "3-Way Singles Club" will arrive digitally June 1st.  This 3 song/3 artist outing will travel the fringes of indie songwriting, electronica, and ambience with a textural disposition that belies the buried hooks and deeply memorable passages contained therein.  Yeah!  That's right!

Featuring Detroit vocalist Rachel Yezbick (co-producing an original track with Stargrazer), Lansing ambient/shoegaze/newgaze architect RxGibbs, and Lansing-based remixer/producer Lost Leaves, Volume Two continues in the questing spirit of Volume One (available here).

Stay tuned for a very rocking summer -- next up is a snarling, boiling cauldron of rock and post-punk featuring The Playback, Narc Out The Reds, and The Hat Madder, due in July.

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P.S.  For those paying attention at home, you may be bemoaning the AWOL status of the Nanobots' "Pink Circuits" album -- believe me, so are we!  This album could've been called "Endless Delay" for more than a couple reasons.  Suffice to say, the Nanobots are very proud of this one and it WILL see the light of day as soon as possible.  The Nanobots thank you for your patience *PREPARE TO BE SMITTEN*.

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