Saturday, July 30, 2011

GTG Festivus Part III Tomorrow + Two Calliope Sightings

Beginning tomorrow (that's today -- July 31 -- for many of you reading this) at 4:00 PM and closing out the month of July with a full afternoon of music, Lansing recording collective GTG has pulled together a line-up of raw and raucous sounds with a vicious habit for pop hooks, infectious discord and/or uncanny melody, and real deal songs:

Jack Pine Snag
Narc Out the Reds
(full disclosure: that's me!)
Cat Midway
The Break-Ups
Fade To Black
Velouria Caywood
The Hat Madder

...and more?  The Hat Madder and Narc Out The Reds will be fresh off of tour (is "fresh" the right word here?), and I'm excited and honored to get to share a stage again with Cat Midway, The Break-Ups, Veloura Caywood, and Middleman.  I don't have any idea of what the order is, but really who cares?  These are all excellent artists and this showcase/annual celebration/gathering will take place at Basement 414.  Admission, I believe is free, however as is customary some cash money for the touring acts would probably be a good thing to bring along with you.

Then, in about two weeks, I'll be playing a unique crossover show at East Lansing's art & performance hub (SCENE) Metrospace.  The show will take place on Saturday, August 13th, under the glow of late summer stars.  This will also be my second time sharing a bill with Calliope in a two week period!

When I first started going out and actively seeing shows, I went to see Calliope and Apollo 9 at the Atlantis co-op.  Might've been 1993.  It was my first brush with both bands.  A string of great albums later, Calliope is still making music and appearing live on special occasions.  On this particular date, the mighty Calliope will engage both a Gnome Village and the Drinking Mercury, as well as the rare Stargrazer.

Sorry, slipped into the character of the poster there for a second...

(this is also the latest offering from the ITAV design studio!)

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