Monday, August 29, 2011

3-Way Singles Club Volume 4 Discount Code

It's finally here!  3-Way Singles Club Volume 4, featuring Cavalcade, The Plurals, and Terminal Girls.  Mastered by Alex Hug.

If you are inclined to download this barnstormer of a 3-sided single, type in the discount code "moodring" when you go to check out for a nice surprise.  This code is valid until September 30.

My sincere thanks once again to the bands for all the hard work, songwriting, and playing that went into this very special volume of the series, probably the only time I will ever have legitimate reason to pay homage to the cover art of a great Black Sabbath album.  That's Erica Graham's photograph of Plurals guitarist Tommy McCord.

Stay tuned, the next few months promise some more great music in the forms of Volume 5 (Frank And Earnest, New Venice, and Jet Lag Superstar), Volume 6 (Sleeping Timmy, Flatfoot, and Drunken Barn Dance) and Volume 7 (Funender, Cat Midway, and Josh David & The Dream Jeans).  Dang!

Proceeds from the 3-Way Singles Club benefit the Independent Musicians Fund (IMF), a fund established in July by ITAV to support unsigned artists in pursuing their creative output by removing stumbling blocks like broken or lost cords, guitar stands, or postage for tour fliers.  As of publication, the IMF has raised a princely $13.05.  Not bad, actually, for being in existence just a couple of weeks!

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