Monday, November 28, 2011

3-Way Singles Club Volume 7 Hits the "Streets" Today!

Whoah!  Didn't mean to sneak up on you with this one... why, they said it was daft to release something two days after you released something else! Well, going by the book is great for the egos of "the book's" authors -- but we do things in a more intuitive way at ITAV; and as a one-man operation "we" also need to navigate the holidays and the obligations of "our" day job(s) along with the intricacies of maintaining a monthly series of new, exclusive songs for a largely invisible audience.

All that said, we're extremely honored to release fresh songs by Josh David & The Dream Jeans, Cat Midway And The Knick-Knacks, and The Hunky Newcomers.  Very special thanks to The Hunky Newcomers for coming through with a catchy punk song on extremely short notice (they recorded it six days ago), as Funender had to withdraw from the project (for now).  We hope to work with Funender down the road apiece.

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