Wednesday, January 25, 2012

3-Way Singles Club Volume 9 Peaks Over The Horizon!

ITAV will be finishing off January with the latest volume of our 3-Way Singles Club (#9) and some exciting announcements about upcoming artists in the series!

January can be, in many ways, the spillover month from the holidays.  I know this, I was born in early January and my birthday can often seem like an afterthought when you've had a string of powerhouse holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.  But that is why they call it a new year, and that is why the holidays abate for a while -- so there can be a stock-taking, and a sober assessment of the months to come in the warm afterglow of gift-giving, feasting, and merriment.

Eh, excuses, excuses!

That ambling preamble precedes our proud announcement that we are going to slip in under the wire with the latest in our monthly series of 3-song/3-artist triple split singles, featuring Steve Leaf, Seth Bernard, and CrookedSound!  3WSC Volume 9 is due before the bell tolls at midnight, January 31st, and will feature brand new songs from CrookedSound and Steve Leaf, and an illuminating peak into Earthwork Music Collective co-ofounder Seth Bernard's 4-track songwriting notebook.  Recorded in attics and bedrooms across the northern midwest, Volume 9 is a sonic expression of the spirit of the series: that "singles" exist in many forms, at many speeds, and as children of the moment -- born when the spark of inspiration strikes.

ITAV's Independent Musicians Fund has also been created as the recipient of all proceeds from the 3-Way Singles Club.  It's a two part effort that consists of an aid fund for independent musicians as well as a source for information and consulting on recording, manufacturing, and distributing music for independent artists.  And the IMF grows by people listening to music!

My sincere thanks go out to the charter members of the 3-Way Singles Club Mega-Subscription, as well to each and every person who has listened, purchased songs, or contributed their music to the 3WSC this past year.  We have some great things lined up for the coming months!

Following volumes in the series will be new songs from Sunil Sawani, Small Houses with Pioneer, Benoit Pioulard, Brooks Mosher, Calliope, White Pines, The Sunset Club, Jake Simmons and the Little Ghosts, and many more -- check the schedule for a full line-up!

2012 is also to be the year of ITAV's first vinyl releases.  That's right, releases!  Plural!  More on that in upcoming posts.  Stay sweet, stay tuned, and stay off old man Witherspoon's yard.

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