Friday, June 7, 2013

New GTG Records Compilation to drop on June 11!

Featuring 14 previously unreleased songs, GTG's 2013 state-of-the-label compilation will be released digitally on Tuesday!  From San Pedro, CA pop-punk band Black Sparrow Press to Trenton, NJ's Honah Lee and Not The Bees to mid-Michigan favorites like Narc Out The Reds, The Hat Madder, Frank And Earnest, The Hunky Newcomers, Cat Midway, The Plurals, middleman, CrookedSound, and... Molly Rhythm (where are you from, Molly?), "It's Fine" also sports a layout by yours truly (retired from graphic design though I may be) featuring a lush and expressionistic photograph of the lovely... floor at the GTG House??  

That's right, the GTG practice/performance pad has a paint-spattered and scuffed floor that should be carefully removed and hung on the walls of the MOMA.  Jackson Pollock would blush. Willem de Kooning would quit!  OK, enough hyperbole about the inspirational and truly uplifting paint-encrusted worn linoleum at the fabled GTG headquarters compound, where so many bands have crafted their live sets, recorded profane Christmas songs, played gigs, stopped talking in mid-sentence, and eventually passed out.

You can invite yourself to the digital party via GTG's Facebook event or you can stay tuned here and we will be sure to link it up for you!

[ Editorial update 06/11/2013: here's the link! ]

...Oh, and that new Stargrazer track is on there too!

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