Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's Here! 3-Way Singles Club Volume 21!

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Hello once again, and thank you for joining us for this 21st edition of ITAV's long-running 3-Way Singles Club! We try to have lots of firsts, so here are a few: first and foremost, Vol. 21 represents the first project -- ever -- in ITAV's catalog to have originated entirely outside of the Great Lakes State!

Secondly, we are quite pleased to release the debut single from '78 Camaro, the latest project of Phil Avalos, whose guitars and songwriting have graced many past projects like The Quiet Lanes (who appeared on our first ever release, the out-of-print First Hand Accounts compilation), Sometimes Seven, and Jet Lag Superstar (who graced Vol. 5 of the 3WSC). '78 Camaro continues a long thread of "classic" indie rock in Avalos' musical career, that hackneyed term referring to the joyful DIY years of labels like Merge and Touch And Go, whose inspiration can be directly credited for what ITAV tries to do.

We're also pretty excited to showcase Drum Kit, a band fronted by former Michigander Aaron Nemec (whose former nomme de plume "Animal" also had a track on First Hand Accounts). Here, Drum Kit delivers the clattering bedroom rock of "When All Your Weed Is Gone," a song whose detail is belied by a lo-fi approach. It's so good to travel full circle with musicians like Aaron and Phil, to check in on what they're doing currently and to fill your ear-holes with their distinctive brands of din.

Phil, in fact, introduced us to The Lost Ambitions, who make their first appearance on an ITAV release here -- the third and final first represented by Vol. 21 -- and we couldn't be more pleased to make their acquaintance and deliver the fabulous "Little Lies" directly to you.

Thank you so much for listening, and stay tuned to here for upcoming news and our next moves! Don't hesitate to share links to these songs, music is for hearing!

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